Join the Alliance

If your organization is working to improve understanding of our food and agricultural sectors (or wants to help), we invite you to join us!

The Alliance to Feed the Future is an umbrella network that connects scientific societies, universities, industry and commodity groups, and others committed to raising awareness and improvinig understanding of the benefits & necessity of modern food production and technology in order to meet global demand. 

Who Should Join?

  • Food & agricultural industry organizations and stakeholders
  • Professional groups & societies (health professionals, academicians, etc.)
  • Universities
  • Government agencies
  • Communications, public relations and advocacy groups

Join the Alliance and Get:

  • A seat at the table for a comprehensive, coordinated, efficient and effective approach to improving the accuracy and quality of information consumers receive on food and agriculture
  • A voice on how best to position the benefits of food production and technology
  • Timely updates on issues and events affecting food and agriculture

Interested in joining the Alliance to Feed the Future? Please email us at