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Brenda Hastings, the Diary Mom Blog

I’m celebrating because dairy farming has been a way of life for me and my family for generations (link to My husband and I are glad to be raising our boys on a farm (link to But agriculture doesn’t only impact farm families, it’s far reaching touching everyone’s life.

Today is a great opportunity to reflect on how agriculture makes a positive impact in our lives;

  • Food quality and choice – there is a larger variety of quality food in the store today than ever before
  • Fiber – plants, like cotton, and animals, like sheep, goats and alpacas, produce wonderful fibers
  • By-products – many household items, medicine and other goods contain plant and animal products
  • Open space - large flat fields, small rolling fields, barns and tractors create beautiful landscapes
  • Economic impact - farmers purchase lots of products and services which support local businesses
  • Strong community – farms are the backbone of viable rural communities


As dairy farmers, we are interested in making improvements that benefit the animals we care for and the land we grow crops on. Part of working smart is utilizing technology and other tools available to do a better job producing food using fewer resources.

My 2013 National Ag Day blog post shared the Evolution of Dairy Farming (link to featuring improvements dairy farmers have made over the years. It includes thoughts from my father, Tony Souza, and my father-in-law, Duane Hastings, both dairy farmers who have experienced many changes in dairy farming over the years.

Dairy farming is a unique and challenging business. In order to sustain (link and the food choices people enjoy today, it’s necessary to embrace farmers of all types and sizes. Successful farms producing quality food can be large, small, organic or conventional. Healthy animals can be fed a variety of feed stuffs and be housed inside or outside. It’s ok if we adopt different practices. The goal for all farmers is caring for land and animals to produce quality products people want to consume. After all, we live on our farms and eat the food produced here!

National Ag Day is the perfect time to celebrate the food quality and choices we enjoy in this country.

Thanks to farmers who work hard every day and to consumers who support what we do!