Providing for Tomorrow's Food Days

Press Release

From the awarding of the World Food Prize in Des Moines, IA on October 17, to the World Food Day celebration sanctioned by the UN on October 16, as well as other planned events, October will truly be a month to celebrate food and agriculture.

For the farmers, ranchers, other producers, manufacturers and retailers who provide a cornucopia of food choices for Americans and consumers around the globe, every day is a day dedicated to food. The IFIC Foundation is playing our part to celebrate food and agriculture this month by providing science-based information on the origin, production, nutrition, and safety of today’s modern food supply.

Please use and share the information found here with your colleagues, family and friends, and help us raise awareness and celebrate the many different agricultural and food production practices responsible for providing us with great tasting, nutritious, safe, affordable and convenient food choices every day. 

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